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About Me


Kevin A. Vaughan, Founder & President of the Men's Let's Talk Network (MLT)

Welcome to the MLT network where we share technology tools and businesses strategies that are proven in the global market.  My background includes a B.S. Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology, thirty years in radio broadcasting and programming, twenty years in computer services and training and ten years in online TV/video tool technologies.


The MLT network also consultant individuals and business owners to give them ideas and solutions to their technology needs to target current markets and demographics.


The MLT network has an awesome health and wellness network of products with a professional training system designed to help current and upcoming business owners tap into diverse markets.


The MLT motto is "Welcome To Your Future" by taking yourself and others, your business, to the next level of business, training, mentoring and the global/Internet market place.  Welcome the MLT Network!!  

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